Profound wisdom that will make you startlingly successful if you apply it


Do you feel that time is rushing by while you have accomplished only a fraction of what you are capable of? Is there an undercurrent of anxiety in your life that will not go away?

It is possible for you to reach orbits of achievement you never dreamed of and without any stress. It does not require hard work. It requires you to change your thinking.

When you alter the dysfunctional models you hold, your experience of life improves immediately. Both success and tranquility can be yours.

About The Book


In Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots, unconventional and highly successful coach Dr. Srikumar Rao distills and condenses valuable life lessons, from ancient masters, sacred writings, and his own experience, into quick-to-read, easily digestible chapters.

Through Dr. Rao’s compelling narratives, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve great success while remaining as serene as a Zen monk
  • Feel radiantly alive every day and bursting with gratitude
  • Bounce back from disaster so quickly that others didn’t even notice you were down
  • Jettison dysfunctional mental models that prevent you from soaring
  • Banish the incessant mental chatter that is sapping your energy
  • Bring joy into your life and annihilate your fears
  • Inspire others to reach heights they never dreamed possible

And this just scratches the surface. As a bonus, the book includes a self-assessment to help you implement the chapters’ lessons. If you apply the concepts in it, Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots will help you to prosper in all areas of your life.

A Bona Fide Game Changer

Dr. Rao is part PhD and part shaman with an endless array of stories up his sleeve. He is a master story teller who catalyses us to change our perspective that life is happening in us and not outside of us. Tap into an "other centered Universe" ; be creative with my life; look for miracles in my day; practice random acts of kindness; make someone's day; trust the Universe; trust Life are all "Rao-ism's".

Highly recommend (this book) to anyone who asks: "Know of a good book I can read?"

– Ellie

Timeless Wisdom from a Wise "Translator"

If you are ready for a major mindset shift, and want to get unstuck in your life - don’t hesitate. Get this book and absorb its many teachings.

This book has over 60 chapters, so I recommend reading it slowly to fully appreciate all of it.

– Alex Raymond

Packed With Wisdom

One of the ways I measure the quality of a book is ––– does it prompt me to do something differently. That's this book. In fact, it was because of this book I decide to write a note of gratitude every day this month. That's impact.

– Whitney Johnson

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