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Based on Dr. Srikumar Rao's popular course "Creativity and Personal Mastery" at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, this book offers a series of exercises and lessons drawn from spiritual and commercial situations that enable you to reconstruct and improve your professional world.

This transformation will turn your life around and help you become exponentially more effective in your chosen career, and thereby flourish in all aspects of your life.

Whether you are questioning the value of money or the core values of your life, this book is a powerful tool that will help you.


About The Book


This Buddhism-inspired self-help book promises readers the tools to effect fundamental life changes and find inner peace. At its heart, this is a case of Eastern philosophy leading Western MBAs along the path to self-improvement and corporate enlightenment, with a kinder and more productive working world as the ultimate goal.

Rao narrates with waves of parables ("When you have one eye so firmly fixed on the goal, you have but one eye left to find the way") and introspection exercises—all designed to help executives find "effervescent joy" and discover their "purpose in life."

Rao's techniques require an open mind and a belief in a "benevolent Universe" and in the notion that the negative things that happen to people are more often a matter of errant mindset and misinterpretation than reality. Will any of this actually lead readers to a higher level of self-enlightenment and make them happier at work and in life? As Rao writes, regarding the possibility of a universe that looks out for the well-being of its denizens: "Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows?"




"It is a forum for self-exploration, meant to help future business leaders define their personal ethics and goals." -- New York Times

A wonderful resource for entrepreneurs, MBA and PhD candidates, and C-levels.

Dr. Rao takes the key pieces of his award-winning course, "Creativity and Personal Mastery", and weaves them together with interesting, easy-to-understand stories and actions steps.

– Joel Boggess

Totally Transformative

The wisdom and exercises in this book had a marked affect on my life. I believe that if you are serious about reaching your true potential and enjoying unbounded success and fulfillment, this is the book for you.

– Brandon Peele

One of my two favorite books on personal mastery

Prof. Rao's book starts from a non-spiritual place: the idea that we can choose how to interpret events, and some interpretations create a better life than others.

I am a long way from adopting all of the book's beliefs and practices, but my progress so far has produced great results. I've stopped comparing myself to others and become more happy in my own life. I approach my relationships with more equanimity. And, as Srikumar claims, the universe seems to provide happy coincidences to help my life move along the way I want. I've finally become one of those people who always seems to find a parking space...

– Stever Robbins

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